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Catch the Breeze

Our newest brand on the market. Carefully blended with class and so mindful of your great taste!

Great Moments

Can only be shared with a matching drink!

Taste of Good Times

Taste and Discover the Secret

A Good Atmosphere

Isn’t good enough without Pearl Breeze

We are the Giants of Alcoholic Beverages

Leading Distillers (U) Ltd is in the top 1% of Uganda’s top distillers and also one of the best manufacturers of quality gin and whisky in the East African great lakes region. We take pride in using the latest modern and advanced technology equipment in the field of production as we lead and others follow….

Leading Waragi (Gin)

After a long day’s work, you need a legitimate spirit to reawaken your inner Spirit and revitalize your energy. Leading Waragi is delicately blended and flavoured to a gin that has undoubtedly become Uganda’s number one.

Herdsman (Whisky)

Taste of Good Times! Herdsman is a blended whisky that is a representaion of true perfection. It is a choice drink of happy moments that adds flavour to your celebrations.

Pearl (Breeze)

Another excellent product! A gift from us to you. Pearl is our newest product on the market. It is a product of great craftmanship fused with state of the art technology to give you the best. Packaged in easy to handle glass bottles covered with metallic crowns, Pearl is the ultimate drink that attracts class!

We are everywhere

Are you a wholesaler, retailer or bar owner? Finding our products is pretty easy. We have a fleet of branded vehicles that distribute our products in all corners of Uganda. We also have regional stores to ensure easy access to our products and save you the transportation burdens. Talk to your regional sales representative and enjoy our smooth and top class service delivery.

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